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Customer Service is critical for any business, irrespective of the economic cycle. Help your customers cashflow at a time when their Pet requires only the best of care. Pet Funders by financing your customers invoice ensures a more holistic approach to the customer service relationship you have with their Family.

Most customers pay promptly and are happy to do so. But others prefer to apply the principle of spreading the expense of larger bills over monthly payments. With Pet Funders, your business receives 100% of customer invoice paid upfront whilst your customers enjoy the flexibility of monthly installments. Pet Funders manages the monthly customer’s payments by direct debit installments of three, six, or nine months . Your business achieves upfront cash flow at no cost. Your clients pay a flat fee to achieve a spread of their outgoings.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I (the business) get paid?

We pay you 100% in full, 7 days after your customer completes the Pet Funders online loan agreement.

How quickly will you process the customer application?

Pre-Approvals take less than 30 minutes (currently < 6minutes) , applications are processed within 24 hours.

What term is the invoice paid over?

Our typical funding term is either 3,6 or 9 easy monthly installments.


  • A simple, hassle free approach to funding for your business and your clients.

  • Easier sell to your customers when you are able to offer competitive time payment terms

  • Your business has the money in the bank within 5 working days of 1st direct debit, giving enhanced cash flow with no debtor management distractions. Staff can remain focused on core business activities.

  • Your client appreciates the flexibility of an installment based payment regime. Often large invoices are a significant cashflow problem which are more easily paid over a period of 3,6,9 or 12 months.

  • Our service dramatically reduces outstanding debtors.

  • Pet Funders increases the capacity of your clinic to expand the work for your customers, because there is now an affordable way to fund the work.

  • Another line of credit without the traditional credit hassle.

  • Sell-in tools supplied at no cost to enable your business to offer Pet Funders payment options to your clients.

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