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What attracted you to the role at YachtShare ?

When I moved to New Zealand in 2012, I decided to take a break from working on boats to give me more opportunity to spend with my family.  I forgot something though, I loved being around boats and missed getting up in the morning feeling excited so this was a bit of a double edged sword.  A friend of mine mentioned she saw an ad for a job i would be perfect for and I couldn’t believe when I ended up getting my dream job…   I suppose if anything I have learned in this process is never settle for average.

You’re originally from the UK, how did you end up in NZ?

I have had an interesting journey I suppose.  I was born in the UK but grew up most of my life all over the Middle East.  In fact, my first yacht was a topper when i was 7 years old in Saudi Arabia of all places! When I was around 23 I was living in Greece and met a Kiwi traveller who ended up living on a 30ft Sailing boat for 3 years with me and now we are married with 2 beautiful children.  I wouldn’t say i was dragged here kicking and screaming!

Do you have time to go sailing yourself now?

It would be an absolute crime to work for a sailing company and not have the opportunities to explore the wonders that the Hauraki Gulf have to offer.  I avoid all the peak times, to give our members free reign but on the shoulder seasons, I love to take friends and family out for a couple of days and enjoy the simple things in life!

What do you do in your spare time?

We are an active family, so we enjoy going Hiking, bike riding, paddle boarding and exploring new parts of the country.  Having new experiences is what i look for in anything we do.  Having young children makes that even better, to see there faces light up to something we take for granted.

Why do you choose yachting as a career?

I did everything in my power, and i mean everything to avoid an office and a tie.  This is where I ended up and don’t regret it for a second!

John Kothe Instructor